Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Slow Day...

I have to admit, not much happened today:

1) More work on Christmas presents (my fingers keep getting stiff, not because of the quantity of knitting, but because I keep eyeballing the calendar and tensing up, because HELLO - Christmas is about 2 weeks away. GULP).

2) More squirting the cats with water. They've not only discovered the Christmas ornaments on the tree, but weirdly enough the vinyl snowflake decals too, which Loki sneakily attacks when he thinks we're not looking. Why would he want these things? Maybe the same reason we have to hide the bread from him. He's an odd cat.

3) More presents, but these are for me! Noel went shopping this morning for presents, and made me swear up and down that I wouldn't sneak a peek. He told me where he hid them though, so I wouldn't accidentally find them.

So here's another thing about living in an RV that you normally wouldn't think about: there just aren't a lot of places where you can hide stuff!

So today wasn't necessarily thrilling, just full of Don't Peek At Your Presents torture. And then I checked my email this evening, and got a great suprise - an article I wrote got accepted to an online health magazine! It's not up yet, but I was very pleased that they liked it. :) As soon as it's up, I'll post the link.

Since there isn't much else exciting going on here, I thought I'd post another of my favorite recipes. I like the taste of omelets, but sometimes the texture just totally grosses me out. Something about it being kinda rubbery on the outside and too liquidly on the inside. UGH. Also a fancy omelet takes a lot of effort and risk. It takes a lot of practice to flip the omelet over without either tossing it on the floor or sticking it to the ceiling. So I cheat, and make:

Kelli's Scrambled Omelet (serves 2)


1/4 onion, chopped
2 slices of sandwich meat of your choice, chopped (ham or chicken are both quite good)
1 1/2 cups of eggbeaters (or your store brand)
3 slices of American cheese (or more if you're a cheese addict)
salt & pepper

Heat your saute pan over medium heat, and spray with non-stick spray. Saute the onions and meat until the onions are tender and translucent. Add eggs, and stir until eggs are fluffy and liquid is cooked off. Tear up cheese and add into eggs, mixing until cheese is melted. Salt and pepper to taste. Devour and enjoy!

You can add anything you want to this - green peppers are great! So is that precooked turkey patty sausage. This is very fast to make and tasty. And if you use lowfat cheese and lean meat, it's pretty healthy too (well, healthier than pancakes and bacon and muffins, but I digress).

More exciting events tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be clearer and I can get some pictures of the neat stuff around this area! Three words: Ford Mustang Planter. Aw yeah.

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