Friday, March 26, 2010


I have been bowled over by a type of Victorian-Era type Consumption (not the conspicuous purchasing kind, but the Moulin Rouge kind, except with fewer sequins). There has been much coughing and wheezing and sounding like some kind of emphysematic old man who smoked cigars for the last 92 years. It's nice.

Anyway, that's finally going away. FINALLY.

And Noel's been working hard and calling on breaks to make sure I haven't swooned overly dramatically and hit my head on anything.

The cats have also offered their miraculous healing powers, which consist of sleeping on my feet to keep them warm (the feet or the cats? Good question) and reviving me with their own natural type of smelling salts, ie. frequent visits to the litter box. It works.

So hopefully now that I'm on the mend, more posting can occur, accompanied by the kind of high quality Things In Sky photography that you yearn for (humor me, I'm sick).

Have a lovely weekend.

Also, a big shout out to my siswad:


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Rachel said...

Aw thanks! *blush*

Hope you're feeling better!