Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Ol' Rocky Top!

As promised, we have photos for you!

This was taken from the backyard of a house Noel's family used to live in, just outside of Greeneville, TN. Gorgeous, isn't it?

(I took that just for you, Camille!)

On the drive to my mom's for dinner one day, we saw lots of snow!

Snow on my car:

Snow on the side of the road:

Snow on the side of the mountain:

Snow on top of the frozen waterfalls and icicles (isn't that gorgeous?):

And snow on our feet!!!

I was so happy. COLD, but happy.

It's been steadily warming up though, and today was much warmer (low 50s). So Noel's dad took me out on a driving lesson. On his mowing tractor! Woo hoo!

This thing drives so nicely. Really. It's like a car, but cooler. :) I may be helping him with his business this summer (he owns a lawncare biz) so I need to practice driving this behemoth. Also I will need sunscreen. And bug spray. LOTS of bug spray.

The scenery is so nice here and it's funny to be coming into a cool place just when we were feeling Spring come in Texas. It feels like we should be getting ready for Halloween again. :)

Oh, and Cima? Yes, I wish I could post more about the Tex-Mex and BBQ in Texas too, because if there's one thing those Texans know how to do (other than shoot guns) it's cook. However! The best BBQ in the whole wide world is made here in the Appalachians, and I was planning to make some this coming week. That'll have to do for now, I'm afraid. :) There's also a phenomenal Mexican restaurant in Spruce Pine, NC that we're trying to visit again. SO good, the burritos there. Best I've ever had.


Cima said...

Absolutely gorgeous countryside, and I must admit even the snow was pretty but I sure wouldn't want to be anywhere near it. I'm just patiently waiting. Well not really patiently, but waiting, for summer to come and temperatures to go back to the 80s where I'm comfortable. I feel like I've been hibernating for months!
I'm definitely looking forward to reading about that burrito place as well as your barbeque!

Anne Wayman - About Freelance Writing said...

Lovely... rocky top like the song?

would you believe I once learned to drive a tractor too... with discs rather than a mower... that was a long time ago.

Shannon, Chris, & Kane said...

I would love to be in the mountains! I miss them. We are going to Colorado this summer can't wait. Hope the kitties enjoy the new view.