Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed...Finally.

We're here - back in the Houston area! We got in today around 2 pm, which means we made really good time after yesterday's looooooong drive. The cats are thrilled to be on solid ground. They're sleeping in their windshield perches right now, bellies full of canned salmon, completely content with life.

We've settled into a campground where we'll most likely stay for a few weeks, in League City (just southeast of Houston). It's convenient for Noel's next job, and also is inexpensive and has trees! Can't beat it.

And yes, we've already been to the HEB. Ah, how I missed you, HEB!

OH! And we're only 1 exit from the Hobby Lobby. I am perhaps overly excited about this. :)

So, I'm going to go do dishes and then lay down for a while. One souvenir I brought back from Tennessee? A cold with a really brutal cough. Hopefully it'll go away soon. It better - I'm running out of cough syrup. Guess we might have to go back to the HEB again! Ha!

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