Monday, March 1, 2010

Time Marches On!

Happy March, everyone! This is usually a fun month - St. Patrick's Day, Easter candy, and spring begins.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been busy here!

We arrived in Greeneville, TN several days ago. We decided since we were in the area, we'd pay Noel's dad a visit. We're currently camped out in his driveway. :)

The last leg of the trip was fairly uneventful - Loki was calmer, and we made it up the mountains. Saw a few snowflakes too, which would've been exciting if we weren't trying to make the rest of the trip in good time. As it was, it turned out just fine!

However. We did run into some water-related issues. See, we have the ability to get water INTO the RV here, but no drains to get it out (so the water's just going straight into our holding tanks). Well, the tanks decided that they were full enough. And overflowed. Twice. All over the floor in the bathroom. We eventually just had to unhook the water hose, because (it's our theory, anyway) the holding tank has a bunch of frozen water in the bottom, causing the tank to overflow really quickly.

So! We've been showering in his dad's house for now. Which is nice, because HELLO water pressure! :)

We're also pretty close to my mom too. I went to a baby shower for a cousin 2 nights ago and it snowed then too.

And guess what they're calling for tomorrow? MORE SNOW.

This is so exciting!!!!

So that's our lives right now - it's so nice to be back in the mountains - so pretty and COLD.

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