Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is in the Air! (And on the Ground!)

Well, the sun finally came out, just in time to celebrate the first day of Spring! Happy Spring! And with it, comes photos aplenty!!

I decided that I had invented a new style of photography (after the photos were already taken), in the same vein of my normal style: Things In Sky. This time, the majority of photos I took were: Things On Ground.

I took these today around the campground (Riverpark Campground: The sun made such interesting shadows on the ground:

Ooh, pretty moss!

These looked like stained glass windows to me:

Isn't this an interesting tree root?

Spring has definitely started to show itself around here!

I got a better picture of the campground office/owners' home today, which shows how very pretty it is:

(Also, can you imagine the view from that other house on top of the ridge there?)

There were a lot more people in the campground today, most likely because of the Nascar race in Bristol. One of the new residents had this up near their RV. We thought it was cute.

So yes, it was rainy much of the past 2 weeks, but we made the best of it. I took advantage of Noel's dad's kitchen floor to finally get the edges of my quilt ready to sew (this is the last step before the quilt is finished!):

And a closeup:

Noel busied himself with reading some Stephen King. Loki read over his shoulder. No wait, ON his shoulder.

It just got even cuter when Loki relaxed a bit. :)


Well, our time in Tennessee has come to an end. Tomorrow (Sunday) morning we head back west, toward Texas again! We've really enjoyed our time here and the scenery has been gorgeous. I loved the lakes and creeks everywhere. We had hoped to see spring fully bloomed out here, but it just didn't quite work out that way. But we do like Texas quite a bit, so that's fine.

So until next blog post, Bon Voyage!!

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