Monday, March 29, 2010

La La Laaaa! Spring is Springing!

First, please bear with me for a minute.

You know what irks me? When you move into a campground and try to pay by going by the office, but no one's there, so you end up going back again later but still no one is there. And then the next day there's a snotty note on your door saying you need to come and pay NOW. So you go back to the office and yet again no one's there? And you go yet again a little while later, but still they're not there? And finally, on the FIFTH visit to the office, the manager is there and is rude, and when you say "I came by four times to try to pay but you weren't here," said manager then ARGUES with you about what exact times you came by to pay, to defend herself?

This did not bode well for my loving the last campground we were in. It had its advantages: super-close to a great HEB. Ok, so it had 1 advantage. Disadvantages? The spaces were EXTREMELY close to each other on all sides, so we had to leave the blinds shut all the time. Because the spaces were so small, we had to park the utility trailer (with all of Noel's tools and McBertha the Celtic Motorcycle) in a parking lot up front, which we don't like to do. The road to get to the campground was so riddled with potholes that it felt like you were driving over uneven speedbumps for a mile.

Also the manager was a JERK.

The good news? We found out that Noel's job (that started today) is not in Texas City (southeast of Houston) after all, but further north. We went back up to Baytown (northeast of Houston) and scored a nice BIG spot at the Casa RV Park, where we've stayed before, and it makes me soooo happy. Why?

Big spaces! We can spread out and have enough room that we can put out our lawn chairs and grill out and breathe! And also keep the blinds open!

See? A huge driveway (it's twice as long as in this pic) and our own little yard!

(It's the little things you appreciate when you live in an RV - like water pressure! It's always a crapshoot from one park to another, but good water pressure is something you don't miss until you don't have it!)

The manager is super-nice. He wasn't here yesterday when we arrived, but we had called and he reserved the best open spot he had for us, and he came by a little while ago to collect the rent and make sure we had everything we needed.

It's cheaper than the other RV park.

It's so much prettier too. We have trees here! Lovely lovely trees, giving us some shade and lots of pretty green grass. I'm SO much happier here. Even without the fancy HEB. I'll survive.

Ok, now to the title of this post. For those of you still in the frozen north....sorry. It's warm, sunny, and beautiful here. I went out yesterday evening to get some pictures of the trees around our space.

This gorgeous shade of green and all this new budding life can't help but make you feel a bit happier, really. Even with the pollen.

Speaking of, Dr. Rachel? I don't seem to be allergic to anything thus far down here. (My sister and I both have allergy problems, but to different places - I'm allergic to NC, she's allergic to GA).

The cats are loving it too - they enjoy when we can open the blinds up, because it's so much easier to find a sunny spot to lay in. I've got the windows and vents opened up too (no need for A/C yet) so they can hear and see the birds outside, and are enjoying that as well.

Speaking of nice weather, I think I'm going to go out for a stroll in it. Ta ta!

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Rachel said...

Knock on wood, I don't seem to be allergic to Virginia. NC is a crapshoot and Georgia sends me into sneezing fits. Go figure. Both my kids, however, are sniffling their heads off right now.