Monday, March 15, 2010

Riverfront Campground!

Today was very overcast (again), but I went ahead and tried to get some pictures anyway. If it clears up in the next few days, I'll try to take some sunny pictures too. But these should get you started, anyway!

This campground is built right behind an old farmhouse that was built at the turn of the 1900s. The owners of the campground live in the upper floors, but the bottom floor is a very nice camp store, book swap, etc.

Also, did I mention it's gorgeous?

This is a view of the campground from the store/house, looking toward the river. See it? Kinda hard to see from this angle, but that's the Nolichuckey River back there. (Don't worry - I got better pictures further down).

This campground is sooooo pretty. It has a little stage, a pavilion, horseshoe pit (too bad we didn't buy an horseshoes in Texas!), a nice fire pit, and a bathroom/laundry house that is IMMACULATE. Seriously, it's nicer than most hotels I've been in. And NO SPIDERS. I am thrilled.

Here's the campground from the river.

Wanna see the river now? Ok! Here you go!

Noel decided to go rock climbing, because he's nothing if not a daredevil.

While he was off scrambling around on big rocks, I was busy taking pictures of moss. Heh.

Don't worry - I was keeping an eye on him, just in case he fell in and I had to play Mighty Mouse.

Here I come to save the DAAAAAY!

Thankfully he didn't require rescuing, which is good because that water would be COLD.

Our RV site is on the higher part of the campground. We have nobody right next to us, and a huge field behind us, which is nice - gives the feeling of being out by ourselves! We *heart* privacy!

Poe and Loki are enjoying all the birds around here too. Lots to look and growl at. :)

There are other sites here - they're day-use sites (they have water & electricity, but no sewer, which is why we're not in them). These are RIGHT NEXT TO THE RIVER. How's THIS for a view!?:

We went for a scenic drive the other day and saw this gorgeous piece of property, down in a valley between several mountains. It has a creek on the property and isn't it just incredible?

Oh, and Rachel? I forgot to tell you - your yarn arrived! And it's SO PRETTY:

I really think the colors are SO me. Dontcha think? ;)

Rachel won this yarn on another person's blog (, and I find this amazing. This is the second knitting-related thing my sister has won from other people's blogs. My sister does not knit. I never win anything (except a Kool & the Gang record when I was about 10), even though I enter contests all the time. But! The great thing? Her luck becomes my luck, because she sends me the knitting-related stuff! Granted, this yarn is to make a pair of socks for her, but I get the joy of knitting with some gorgeous stuff. (The other thing she won once was a knitting book from one of our favorite blogs,, which is now in my knitting library).

So Rachel? Keep up the contest entering! :-D (Oh, and never learn to knit, ok?)

Speaking of crafty stuff, Noel and I have been seeing these gorgeous paintings on the sides of old barns all over this area. I got really excited about them, because they're paintings of traditional quilt patterns. So cool, to see a place embracing the traditional arts & crafts of their local culture, no? Well, today I found the website for the project. It's called The Quilt Trail. Check out these links to see some gorgeous old barns with beautiful paintings on them:

I just LOVE that idea and will try to get some pictures of these paintings as we see them.

Ok, guess that's enough for today. Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone!

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Rachel said...

Actually I had forgotten about that book. Those are the only two things I've ever won - except that gallon of milk from the convenience store and the iron in the school raffle. Hooboy.

That campground is gorgeous! How far are you from Mom? That might be a trip we'll need to take sometime. Looks like a perfect spot for meeting up with our camping friends. And since we typically use our holding tanks instead of a sewer line, we'll be dandy by the river.

Now I just want to drive the quilt trail. Think they'd mind if I left work for a few weeks to do that?