Saturday, November 28, 2009

A (Celtic) Knotty Situation

For those of you who've never met Bertha, she's Noel's motorcycle. Bertha and I are on somewhat friendly terms - I don't really like to ride, but she doesn't care.

Noel decided that this weekend was the perfect opportunity to give Bertha a major makeover. Faaaaabulous! Pass the mascara!

This is Bertha before. Note the green & white paint job. (Also, that's Noel's daughter Lauren on the back).

Yesterday, Noel painted Bertha black. Honestly, I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out. I had fears it would look like she was covered in either tar or primer.

He wanted to do some kind of cool decoration on her, and I suggested celtic knots (we both love them so much!) He loved the idea, so he got some silver pinstriping (basically a stretchy sticker that usually you use to make the long stripes on the sides of cars) and I got to work.

Here I am, measuring out the knots and drawing them on the front fender. They're basically done on a grid of dots, so it does take some measuring.

Once everything's marked out and drawn on, I started putting on the pinstriping.

Here's the fender afterwards:

And here are several side pieces with a circular design:

And here's the top of the tank. This is the same design I painted on the bedroom walls.

It connects on the sides of the tank to another knot:

So here she is....MacBertha, the Celtic Cycle! :)

Fabulous, no? I'm quite pleased, if I do say so myself. Awesome!


Barb said...


I love the bike. Would never have thought to make it Celtic. Makes me want to go back to riding even more; unfortunately, limited retirement income makes it unlikely. :)

I'm glad you and Noel had a good holiday. I enjoyed 3 days at my sister's in Bluffton.

Barb Thames

Rachel said...

Honestly, is there anything you can't do???

Larry and sometimes Beth said...

Where to next?

Shannon, Chris, & Kane said...

Wish I just had a fraction of your creativity. I am so un-crafty.

michelejag said...

Well , that looks cool as hell. Great job on the bike.