Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cat in the Loo

It's cold here. A couple of days ago, after I diligently did laundry and took pictures of the room where I did said laundry, it got very cold.

Every night before going to bed, I make sure to protect the pipes by turning on the faucets to drip. We don't have insulated hoses that go to the outside spigots, so it's important to keep the water flowing.

On laundry day, I folded and put away all the clothes, knitted, worked on some writing, etc, and then started to get ready for bed. First task: dishes! I turned the faucet and....

Nothing. Not a drop.

And then I knew I had messed up bigtime. So I bundled up and went outside to the water hose, which was hard as a rock.


I called Noel to see if he had any suggestions, and he even had a coworker who was at a nearby restaurant on his lunch break come by, to see if he could help too. He managed to unhook the hose, only to realize that the water in the spigot was frozen too. So nothing would help. We'd just have to wait for it to thaw out and hope the damage wasn't too bad. Again, oops.

So! No water! No dish washing! No showers! No flushing! Fun stuff!

It did finally thaw out at around 10 am the next morning. At which point we realized that the piping repair we had to make under the toilet? Was no longer repaired.

So we got to fix it again! Yay! It's a nice big roomy space, as you can tell.


Noel got it repaired, water was enjoyed by all, The End.

Except it wasn't. See, our tiny little toilet room (I like to call it the Water Closet) has no heat vent. Which means in the depths of winter, going to the loo is like the sanitation department's equivalent of the Polar Bear Plunge. Except you're not really going voluntarily. And can't really rush things.

Noel was worried that if it got that cold in there again, we might have another problem with the pipe (although I really think he just likes the idea of a seat warmer than -7 F.)

So we left the water closet door open to let some heat in. I walked past a while later and noticed something had gone awry:

Who could have possibly done such a dastardly deed?

Ah. Of course.

I tried to fix it (waste not, want not!), but was somewhat unsuccessful.

I'm starting to think that Loki might not have been alone in perpetrating this dire crime though.

Little troublemakers and their tissue destroying ways!

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Rachel said...

Their cousin Carolina does that too!