Monday, January 18, 2010

Locked and Loaded

Guess who got his driver's license today?

Just kidding. He actually still hasn't gotten it (the card, he has a paper license for now). But he does have a gun.



While Noel was busy purchasing his Weapon Of Death, I was happily perusing the shelves for things for the cats. Of course.

Now, as many of you can attest, giving a cat a bath is not the easiest thing in the world. When we've bathed the cats in the past, we've had to tag team them, lock doors, and wear cut-proof gloves. And I still ended up bleeding. And the cats were only kittens at this point.

Nowadays, we can't even give them a bath since we only have a shower. And cat showers? Never end well. Particularly for the human holding the cat in the shower.

Another issue we seem to have here is dust. At first, we assumed it was dust from the air conditioners, but when we actually put our fingers on the dust, we realized it smelled the cat box powder we depend upon daily for our noses' sanity. Cat litter on its own can be fairly dusty, but with the addition of the other powder, it becomes a REAL dust bowl in here. Last week I vaccuumed everything in the house (including the ceiling!) and that helped quite a bit.

However, today's shopping trip provided answers to BOTH the bathing AND the dust issues!

They now make a litter box spray! And also what are essentially baby wipes for your cat, so you don't actually have to wrestle them into submission and dip them in water. They do a great job of bathing themselves, but a little refresher never hurts!

So I know that all of you non-cat owners out there are absolutely riveted by all of this. Sorry. For all of you readers who DO have cats, you feel my joy right now, right?


Lisa said...

Those pet wipes are the BEST! We have them for our dog. She could get bathed, and actually does very well with baths, particularly bc our shower has glass doors and when I hike up my jeans and step into the tub with her, well, she is basically at my mercy in a giant aquarium. But I am lazy about washing her. She's big. That's a lot of sudsing and drying. So, she has not had a proper bath in. . . almost a year probably, but! The pet wipes are mango scented so it seems like she has had a bath!

Cima said...

Not only are the pet wipes good, but sheets of Bounce fabric softener (or its generic equivalent), slightly dampened, work well too.
oh yes, I'll say it again, do write soap operas for the felines!

Cima said...

A thought... you ought to take a look sometime at a friend of mine's blo....she's primarily an artist, but like you, multi-faceted and into all kinds of crafts....