Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Locked and (Re)Loaded

Boy, I bet everyone starting thinking that since I hadn't posted in so long, we had gone off and joined some militaristic group of separatists living on a compound somewhere in Montanta (that's what I told Noel his picture reminded me of - ha!)

We're still in Livingston, non-separated, and not planning for The End. No worries. :)

We did go target shooting though! One of Noel's coworkers lives near here and has a lovely piece of property. He has targets set up in his back yard for practice, and he and Noel happily spent the better part of an hour setting the scope on the new rifle so it was lined up exactly right. This was done so they could shoot at that target, that looks like it's about a mile away. (It wasn't - only about 100 yds).

Look at the focus! Appreciate the diligence!

So this whole scope-fixing thing required lots of shooting on Noel's part, and he was thrilled. I FINALLY got to shoot the rifle (oh the drama). Please see results below.

HA! Let's hear it for the lady shooters of the world! Woot woot! (Note: Noel did get a dead-on bullseye once the scope was set properly. But I did pretty dang great, if I do say so myself!).

Also, can you imagine having a back yard that looks like that? Huge magnolia trees, animals walking through (of course, he shoots them when he can, but....) and even little tiny flowers. Isn't this just the cutest, happiest little flower ever?

Noel's on a short-term job (just a few days), and it started today. He's finally on day shift again! I busied myself with helping him to learn Spanish, by sticking up post-its all over the house with Spanish words and pronuniations on them:

This morning I also did my hour of aerobic dancing/coffee drinking, then decided that since it was such a pretty day, I'd go for a walk. The campground here is nice and wooded, and I realized this morning that you guys hadn't seen it yet. Here it is (well, part of it!).

It's a very small campground, with only about 15 spots at this point, but that makes it feel cozy and safe. And quiet! Except when I'm doing my exercise dancing to the Bee Gees and M.C. Hammer. (Amused by that visual? You're welcome.)

There are so many pretty little birds around here, and I tried so hard to get pics of them during my walk, but they all turned out like Where's Waldo pictures:

Yeah, guess the Audobon society won't be calling anytime soon.

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