Monday, January 4, 2010

Takin' Care of (House) Business

Today was a day of housework! Hurrah! (Ok, so it's not really all that exciting, but it must be done.)

This included the Favorite Pastime of Vintage RV Owners...


Here's a little life lesson about RVs. Once they reach a certain age (say, around 7 years or so, as a rough guess) their composition begins to change. They're no longer held together by bolts, screws, and reinforced...whatever. It starts innocently enough, with a little duct tape here, a little sealant there. Then, before you know it, half of the RV is held together by caulk and the other half by Great Stuff (Noel swears by it - it's an expanding spray foam - it's magic).

Anyway, so there comes a time when you end up having to do a fair amount of caulking. Even new RV owners do it - especially on the roof. I guess with all the sun and weather exposure, even the toughest rubber roof will start to crack.

All that to say, I caulked the front windshield today to make sure to seal up where the gasket isn't as tight as it should be. It's hard enough to keep this little house warm on really cold days, and we're expecting COLD weather in a few days (lows in the teens!). So any cracks need to be sealed up!

And Noel's taught me how to do it in style. ;)

Note: That hat is one of Noel's Christmas presents (I borrowed it). He was so worried I was going to Bogart his hat, that I wanted to clarify for everyone and publicly declare that it is indeed his hat and not mine. Even though I did make it. That gives me borrowing rights. :)

After all the caulking (Noel was busy putting a new battery into McBertha, the Celtic Cycle, while all this was happening!), we sent him off to work all bundled up and ready for the cold. I went to do the next big chore of the day:


The laundry room is quite nice at this campground. First, they have a parking space right beside it, so you can drive your laundry over (which is nice when it's 27 out and nighttime, and you've got 8 metric tons of stuff to wash).

Some people put their clothes in the washers and leave them there. I personally don't trust people. Plus it's easy to amuse myself while waiting. I take either the computer (like last time) or my knitting (like tonight). It takes me about 3 hours to get everything washed, dried and folded, so I can get a lot of knitting or writing accomplished.

They have a magazine rack there, where we recycle our old magazines and sometimes the inexpensive paperbacks we buy at the goodwill or thrift stores once we've read them (well, once Noel's read them - he reads so much!). Other people have done the same, which is nice! That way we can switch out books, and I get to read Oprah magazine. :)

So not only do you end up with clean socks, but more focused goal-setting abilities and suggestions for wearing scarves 10 different ways!

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