Monday, January 25, 2010

Hurried Day, Then Lazy Day.

This morning was an absolute frenzy of activity! Noel got a call about a job in Corpus Christi, starting on Monday. Eek! We would be driving out tonight (to avoid as much Houston traffic/misery as possible) and trying to find a campground there that's not too far away from his work site and also decent (and also has cable, because HELLO I am going through serious CSI withdrawal here, people).

So! We jumped into action! We researched campgrounds, made a reservation at one, and then ran out to do errands (after putting a pork shoulder in bbq sauce into Davy Crockpot for dinner). We had to run and pick up our mail at Noel's Texas mail service, then fedex some stuff out, then also go to the post office, then to the grocery store.

(By the way, we still have our Savannah mailbox too - I haven't changed my residency yet. I'm still in denial about ever becoming a Texan. Sigh).

Speaking of becoming Texan, when we got our mail, aside from the large bundle of yarn contained therein (part of my Christmas present from Mom, thank you - it's gorgeous!), Noel had The Prize:

His Texas driver's license.

No, there was no gun included. Only instructions for the mandatory bow-legged swagger, and a training video on spittoon usage.

It was at Destination #3, Post Office, that Noel got the call that the job had been temporarily pushed back a few weeks. So pressure was off to get out of town today. We may be in Houston for another job by Monday, but we'll see tomorrow about that.

I'm kinda glad we didn't have to leave tonight, because I had a few more sewing projects to work on, namely fixing up another pair of Noel's work pants. If I put them down, I sometimes forget they're there. Oopsie. Sewing amnesia!

At the grocery store, we saw a few things that we thought Noel might have to purchase now that he's Officially Texan. These are things that seem to be WAY too much effort just to showcase one's pride in their home state, namely:

Texas tortilla chips. As in, they're SHAPED LIKE TEXAS.

Does this not strike anyone else as overkill?

They also had Texas shaped crackers, but I don't have photographic proof. You'll just have to trust me on that one. (Note: I didn't take this pic either - the ones in the store were in a regular tortilla chip bag, but with the word TEXAS scattered all over it like some kind of magic chant).

There's pride, and then there's....Texas shaped food. Um, just not sure what to think about all this.

Why would one want to eat food shaped like their home state? To make sure you're Texan inside and out? To fulfill fantasies of being Godzilla? GRR!! Seek and DESTROY!

After our exciting grocery shopping trip (thrilling to read about, I can see it on your faces), we came home, ate bbq sandwiches, took a nice walk, and then came back to the house, had a rummy tournament, and downloaded dorky music onto Limewire (great free online program for music downloads - they even have Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (don't pretend you don't feel the music!) and the Godzilla song by Blue Oyster Cult, so you have some theme music for your Texas Tortilla Crunching Massacre).

So all in all, a not-so-thrilling everyday kind of day here in Livingston.

OH! I meant to post last night that we had a lovely campfire outside! Yes, it's really warm and nice here, but the weather's supposed to turn nasty Thursday (big thunderstorms) and Friday (high of 35). We're expecting Jim Cantore any day now. At least we could get in some campfire before then.

At one point, after sitting there in the smoke from the fire, Noel turned to me and said "well, at least we smell rustic." At which point we both started laughing, because really? We live in a campground, but I complain because I SUFFER because we have no cable. So for once, we actually smelled like campers. Then we put the fire out, came back to the house and our gas heater and DVD collection and wine. That's my kind of camping!

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