Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Picture a Door....

Yesterday we went for a little drive around town. We had to run a few errands in north Houston, and thought that while we were there, we'd explore a bit to see what we could see.

Little did we know that we were on a one-way Suburbia Hell.

We drove down a main street that suddenly, without any warning, turned into a residential road. And not just any residential road, but one with a fancy signpost that let us know we had gone TOO FAR. No longer were we on Smith Road or Baker Street. Oh no. Now we were on Majestic Oak Trace and Riverbend Landing Drive.

We frantically turned left. And saw.....

We turned around, drove a few more miles, and turned right. And saw....

No matter which way we turned, we were surrounded by McMansions with perfectly groomed lawns, row after row of the same exact mailbox, and neverending brick-encased signs for Summerwood Landing and Alta Forest Park. We gasped in horror upon realizing that despite the names, there was not one single old tree anywhere to be seen.
For a full 30 minutes we drove, turning this way and that, with the dawning realization that we could never escape. No matter how hard we tried, we could not leave. The Izod shirts breathed down our necks and Lincoln Navigators crept up with their leather interiors and high gas mileage.

Then, thankfully, we escaped. Yuppiedom would have to find other hapless victims!
We celebrated our brush with Fancy-Pants-ness with Mountain Dew and beef jerky.
As a side note, I'd like to say Thank You! to all of the lurkers out there! I love that you enjoy the blog and am thrilled when you comment. :)

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