Saturday, January 2, 2010

Still Resolving!

Hi all! I hope your 2010 is going great!

So far, ours has gone fine. Noel has been diligently working (still on night shift, unfortunately). it's been pretty chilly, but he's bundled up and wearing the ninja mask I made for him sometimes. We don't know how much longer we'll be here in Fairfield. As soon as we know where we're going next, we'll fill you in!

I've been working hard on my resolutions, and so far things have gone pretty well. I got another article published today, this time about knitting:

Fun stuff! I'm contracted to write 8 more for them in the next 2 months, and I've promised myself a fun reward if I get them all finished by the end of January. I wrote this one today, from start to finish, and did errands and such in the middle too. So it seems very doable to get the rest of them done in 4 weeks. That's just 2 per week. Totally doable.

We took down our black Christmas tree yesterday and all of the vinyl snowflakes too. It's just as well - Loki was turning into Ebenezer Scrooge. He would get up on his rear paws and scratch them off of the shower doors and mirrors. I guess he just wasn't in the holiday spirit. Meow Humbug! I have a feeling we'll keep finding a few of them that he squirrelled away far into the summer months.

Some people leave their Christmas decorations up for a while, but I like to take them down on New Year's. Some might think I'm cutting the holidays short, but to me it feels like a fresh start. Especially when you live in such a small space as we do! It's amazing how much room that little tree can take up! It feels like we've gotten a lot of our living room back now.

The holidays aren't quite over though - there are still a few more Christmas presents to be made (yes, Rachel, including your sweater!). Better get to it!

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