Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hi and Happy Weekend!

Hello everyone! Hope all is well in the world with all of you.

Things here are great. Noel finished up his job (it was a really short one, only 3 days) and is glad about it, but only because he had to drive about 5 hours total each day and then work a 12 hour shift. 5 hours driving + 12 hours working = not enough sleep! That's just too much of a commute!

It's good to have him back home. While he was working, I spent the time at the house doing some writing (got another article published on

Also I did some sewing and lots of knitting (Rachel, your sweater is progressing nicely!)

But probably the best thing I did for myself was take very long walks! It's so nice to get out when the weather's perfect (high 60s, sunny) and walk and explore. I saw some beautiful houses, some trotting ponies, and the funniest street sign I've seen in a long time:

Noel and I went to the Big Creek Scenic Area again today for another hike. They have so many trails at this park, we ended up walking about 5-6 miles, most of which we had never seen before.

We actually met up with one of the park rangers who was working on clearing one of the trails. He told us he had put in a bridge that morning over a creek, so Noel went to test it out:

It held up beautifully to our stomping across it!

The pine trees there are so tall, and it's humbling to realize the tiny seeds they grew out of. Here's a teensy little baby tree, only about 2 inches tall, but growing very happily!

We had to buy a new VCR/DVD combo this weekend, because the old one we had died of old age. Every time we'd put a movie in, it would stall and hang up (usually right at the big crucial part of the movie). It wasn't getting any better, and even the DVD laser cleaning disc didn't help. So we gave in and got a new one, and isn't it amazing how expensive these things were 10 years ago, and now you can get a brand name one for less than $100?

And doesn't it make me sound like an old lady to be discussing how expensive things were back when I was a kid? And how we had to walk to school, uphill both ways?

So we came back with our new DVD player and watched a movie (it was a cruddy day on Saturday, so we made it Leisurely Movie Day) and Loki helped by sleeping on my lap and being just too cute:

Look at that adorable little face! The blue string is one of their playthings. They love chasing it all over and hunting it down like jungle jaguars.

And even though he was asleep, he just STILL HAD TO interfere with the knitting...

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