Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Elvis!

Yesterday Noel and I had a productive day. Remember those cowboy boots Noel bought a while back? Well, they've gone to his head, and he's now changed his residency to Texas. (Actually there are good logistical reasons too, but I think the boots had a lot to do with it.)

First off, we had to drive to Livingston, TX to get a new mailing address (through an RV club we belong to). Then we had to go get the vehicles inspected:

(We don't have to get the RV inspected yet, thankfully!)

Then he had to go to the vehicle registration place, and then the driver's license office. Here's the proud new Texan hugging his new truck tags:

I asked him if Texas issues a gun with every driver's license. He wasn't sure. :)

We then went back toward our little house, but along the way stopped for gas at a big gas station/travel center called Buc-ee's (as in, a Beaver).

They had an impressive store! Check out the entrance to the bathroom!!

(Sometimes people think it's weird I'm taking pictures of the bathroom. Whatever. I can't help it if I'm more easily amused than they are.)

They also had the requisite Texas stuff (which I guess Noel is now qualified to purchase), including a wooden cutting board like the ol' Lone Star flag:

The furniture in the store was really impressive though! Check out this leather chaise lounge:

The rustic furniture was nice:

And this Bull Horn chair is awesome:

And these stools, made out of old tractor seats (they were incredibly comfortable!):

One of my favorite things were the leather rugs. They still had the hair on them, so they were really lovely. This one looked like a star.

They had racks and racks of different designs, and they reminded me of quilts. So cool.

Buc-ee's also had various woodland creatures with whom to be photographed:

Buc-ee himself, with Noel

And a bear & cub (NO, they weren't taxidermied animals, they were stuffed fake ones - I love them! But they wouldn't fit in the RV.)

They also had some reminders that we are indeed in the southern part of the country:

An outdoor double deep-fryer. Oh my. Forget the grill. FRY that steak! Can't you just feel the cholesterol?
And to go with your camouflage beer? Camo popcorn. So the deer won't steal it, perhaps? Are those hidden calories? HA.

It was really cold yesterday. We had to bundle up big time.

(Please note Noel is wearing his Christmas hat this time. And he was so worried.)

When we got back home, we realized we had to make an emergency propane run. The inside thermometer:

Yup. 46. INSIDE. (No worries - the kitties were fine. Basking in the sun in the front window, as usual.)
It got extremely cold last night, and this morning I went outside to find this:

That's one big icicle!!! We weren't aware of a leak here, so...well, now I guess we know.

Tomorrow morning we head back down toward Houston for the next job. We'll be staying in the same campground we stayed in the last time we were down there. Fairfield has been a nice town, and we've definitely enjoyed our time here. Maybe we'll be back!

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