Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Ok, before everyone jumps down my throat with "Well, WE'VE had 49 feet of snow this month," let me just say that yes, I know we aren't suffering with Winter and Freezing and Snowdrifts and other such frostbitten fun. But! It's really cold outside!

THIRTY FIVE! With a windchill of 28! And.....

Possible SNOW!

Not much, more like rain with occasional clumpiness that might, if you squint just right, look kinda snow-ish. But I'll take it.

We went out to grab some subs for dinner tonight and had to bundle up! Fortunately, if it's one thing we have in spades here, it's knitted stuff to wear when it's cold.

Speaking of, the knitting has been completed on Rachel's sweater. I just need to sew on the buttons. Belated Christmas Present - check!

Tomorrow we're leaving to head south, toward Corpus Christi. The cats don't know this yet. Traveling isn't their favorite thing, so we like to spring it on them at the last minute. They generally start to figure things out when the Cramming Of The Stuff begins, where we take everything off the counters and put it all away. Once they see completely cleared off counters and the windows with the blinds pulled up, they put two and two together and find their respective Safe Havens (Poe under the bed cover overhangs or in the Poe Cave, and Loki under the sofa).

They've been less stressed every time we've traveled though, and hopefully it'll continue to get easier and easier for them. This trip shouldn't be too long either, which is always nice.

The other exciting thing about changing locations? We've picked a campground with cable, because the Olympics start tomorrow!! Go Team USA!

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