Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Juking Knitting

First off, thank you Noel for the corrections to yesterday's blog (via the comments). I am apparently utterly (udderly?) unaware of rodeo cows. All I know is, those Brahman cows can look really scary - something about the dark eyes. CREEPY. And also? I don't ever plan to ride one. Ever. So in the rodeo in my mind, there are no evil looking demon cows.

And also no rodeo clowns. Eep.

My Olympic quilting is going great! I'm making really good progress and should be able to pull off a first place finish! Quilting Gold! As long as I don't get sidelined by some horrible sewing injury (don't laugh - I bleed regularly while sewing). At least cotton is washable.

I can't quilt in the car though (the quilt hoop is just a bit too big to smoosh into the passenger's seat). So I started a new knitting project, a wrap for myself.

This is out of my birthday yarn from Mom. It's much prettier in person than it looks here - it's brighter and greener. My camera makes it look like camo. I may have been in Texas for a while, but not that long. (Although they do actually make camo yarn - seriously).

I have a red wrap I made years ago, and they're such versatile garments - it can be a big scarf, a shawl, or you can wrap it around yourself tightly like a big wool cocoon. Sometimes I even spread it out over my legs when I get cold. I figured since it's still a little cool here (although only sometimes in the evenings) that I'd better knit something out of wool before it hits the 80s. Which will probably happen sometime in the next month.

Noel and I are really enjoying the Olympics. We watched Shaun White win another gold - gravity just doesn't seem to affect that guy. We also enjoyed the men's figure skating last night (Ok, *I* did). Ice skating is one of my favorites if for no other reason than the costumes. Thank the gods for Johnny Weir. Although you have to say, there are a lot more feathers and sequins than you would've seen on the men's costumes in previous Games. I love it. :)

Tonight's weird sport? Double luge. Has anyone else seen this? It's bizarre. You have to feel really comfortable with someone to lay down on top of them on a luge sled. Particularly while wearing spandex. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

I love the bobsled competition too. I think riding a bobsled would be really fun (if they went slow!)

But yet I still will not ride a cow. No matter how slow it goes. :)

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