Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cowgirl Up

Hello all, let me start by saying that this is not Kelli. Febuary 5th, for those of you that dont know, is Kelli's Birthday!!!!! So I decided to post something today in honor of her big day. So this post will most likely not be humorous or witty or....................properly punctuated. However, it will be cornballyishous and a tribute to my Darling Dear.

Since we wanted to celebrate on the actual day, we spent today shopping for the Birthday girl's present. Now Kelli might make jokes about Texas but lets connect a few dots; when i got the rifle she was very excited about shooting it, she often takes pictures of horses and cows and any other animal she can find, speaks just as often about having a sheep farm someday with all the animals she could fit on it and when we chose a pistol she was adamant about getting an old school revolver and she was adorable when we were shooting. It was as if she was a child again on Christmas morning. And now.....of all the presents she could have chosen for her birthday, this is what she wanted;

They are very, very cool aren't they. They also look great on her. So despite her claims, the evidence would say that she's evolving into quite the cowgirl. Don't let her kid you........the spurs are comin' soon.

Also to save time for tomorrow I made brownies as per Kelli's birthday wishes;

They smell great but we haven't devoured them yet.

Those of you who read daily, I want to thank you. Kelli enjoys writing the blog very much and is absolutely thrilled when you comment. Tomorrow i am going to wait on her hand and foot and spoil her rotten, so I doubt she will have time to post with her heavy pampering schedule. For my blogging finale i have written a little poem for my love that is written terribly, is completely cheesy, but is also absolutely sincere;

Happy Birthday to my dear one, with eyes of sapphire blue.
You are the loveliest of treasures, the sweetest of dreams come true.
Some days I just can’t find the words to describe how special you are to me.
A better friend or lover, the world has never seen.

I am blessed with each and every day I wake up in your arms.
I pray for another hundred years to be privileged with your charms.
I hope you know how much your loved and how much joy you bring.
You touch so many with your love , and mean simply everything to me.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

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