Monday, February 15, 2010

Bridge to Jurassic Park

It was such a pretty, clear day today, but definitely crisp. Windy and chilly, but sunny and clear.

We decided to go explore downtown Wharton a bit. They have an absolutely darling little downtown with various monuments on the square. Here's a nice veteran's memorial - it has a flame in the middle, probably visible at night. We could see the heat distortion coming out of it, but couldn't see the actual flame.

There was a pretty little gazebo too:

And here's a snap of the downtown. When we first arrived in town, we ate at a restaurant called Pat-A-Cake (2nd business from the left in this picture) and it was sooo good. We'll definitely be visiting that place again before we leave Wharton.

The courthouse is just flat-out impressive. How gorgeous is this?

Near the downtown area, the Colorado River flows by, and there's a nice iron bridge spanning it. I don't know how old it is, but this style of bridge is neat.

And there's also a dinosaur. Because Texas is known for paleontology?

Yeah, not really sure what the point is. I think the whole town really isn't sure why, because even in their Historic Wharton brochure, they have a little description about it that basically says "hey! We have a dinosaur! come look at it! It's...a dinosaur!" This town seems to appreciate odd sculpture, I'll give 'em that.

It was a nice day out. We went through an overpriced antique store too. You can always find the most interesting things in those shops. I was really tempted by some old sewing patterns from the 1940s, but opted not to get them since (1) I have enough sewing projects started, (2) not sure where I'd wear stuff like that, and (3) their size Large is still tiny. For those of my dear readers who lived through the 1950s - were people really that tiny back then? Because wow. Please discuss.

This afternoon, Noel started not feeling well. By the time we got home he had chills and was achy. He went and took a really hot shower, then dressed up really warmly, and I did my best to warm him up by feeding him homemade burritos. He seems to be feeling better, although he's still bundled up under piles of blankets. Poor guy!

Alright, the Olympics are on, so it's time to get back to quilting!

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Cima said...

Well, I lived through the fifties, and never knew anyone really small! My mother was considered really skinny....she was quite tall--about 5'7"-- and a size 12. and was constantly trying to gain weight.
these days, most of my friends are that height or taller and are size anywhwew from 0 to 4!
At 5'2", I've never been a single digit size in my life...!!! And don't care to discuss my XL 9extra lovely, right?) designation...

anyway, on an entirely different note, I'm running your wonderful Green Dress story again.... take a look at the home page of and you'll find it under NEW in the brown box....
hope noel feels better!