Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Kickoff!

We've arrived safely in Wharton, TX (between Houston and Corpus Christi) early this afternoon and pictures are forthcoming. Because there are definitely things to photograph around here. Oooh....suspense! Can you feel it?

We're now enjoying the fruits of our new campground - CABLE! We're watching the Olympic opening ceremonies now, and we're both very impressed with the display they've put on. My dad was Canadian, so there might be some cheering for both Canada and the US. And also Moldova. I have a soft spot for Moldova. Why?

Well, when the Olympics were in Atlanta, my family was fortunate enough to get tickets to several really awesome events, one of which was the medal rounds for the Greco-Roman wrestling. Now, my mom & sister were worried there would be metal chairs and spandex briefs involved, but my brother-in-law and I tried to reassure them that it really was different - REAL wrestling. Anyway, the competition started with the little guys and worked their way up to the really big guys near the end. The bronze medal match was a German guy against a guy from Moldova, and I felt so bad for the poor Moldovan guy because hey - everyone's heard of Germany, right? So the audience was cheering for him. And of course, always feeling a need to support the underdog, I started cheering at the top of my lungs for the Moldovan. Seeing as I knew not one single word of Moldovan (or whatever language they speak there - thank you Google, apparently they speak Moldovan/Romanian - I still know not one single word.)

So I shouted the only thing I could: "MOLDOVA! MOLDOVA!" I screamed so hard that the next day I had no voice at all. But it happened:

Mr. Moldova won the bronze medal.

And as this huge muscle-bound man climbed up on the podium and watched his flag raised and got his medal, he had tears of absolute pride and joy running down his face. And I think my sister and I both cried too, because it was so touching to see someone experiencing what was obviously one of the highest points of his life.

So I say again: MOLDOVA! MOLDOVA!

During the last winter Olympics, I participated in the Knitting Olympics. Basically it was a way for knitters to challenge themselves to try something new or complete a difficult project, but you could only start during the opening ceremonies, and you had to be finishing up during the closing ceremonies. It was fun, even though I didn't finish my project.

This year, however, as part of my 2010 Resolutions to Do My Own Thing, I'm foregoing the Knitting Olympics to work on a project that's been sitting around waiting to be finishing for...well...a while. Some of you may remember this:

Yes, my (unquilted) quilt! My goal during this Olympics is to finish it! I worked on it for a couple of hours already tonight and am making good progress! Go Team Quilt!

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Rachel said...

Wait a minute! I KNEW there would be no folding chairs. And sweetheart, there WAS spandex. But at least no one wore a cape. ;) I sort of knew what to expect from real wrestling, but was amazed to see top notch athletes on the mat. Now, team handball - that was another story entirely. Had not a CLUE about team handball until we arrived at the venue.

I cheered wildly for Moldova last night, too. I'll always remember that moment. To me that was as magical as watching the gold medal soccer match (GO NIGERIAN FOOTBALL TEAM!!).

We've recorded the second half of the opening ceremony - just couldn't make it through the whole thing last night. Leah conked out before the First Nations took the stage.

One thing's for certain: I'd always wanted to see the Canadian West and now I've decided I simply must. I think a cross-country trip was something Daddy always wanted to do. Maybe we should do it for him! PEI to BC!