Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lumpy Cows

Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!

I'm not Catholic, but I've celebrated by eating chocolate. I also plan to celebrate again tomorrow and every day until my Valentine's chocolates are gone. Yum!! So much for Lent!

Noel, we're happy to report, is feeling much better today.

Cima, one of my dear readers, answered my sizing question about the 1950s in yesterday's comments (and it sounds like their sizing back then in sewing patterns was vastly different than nowadays - at least, I'm going to tell myself that because it makes me feel better).

She also let me know that she moved my St. Patrick's Day dress article back onto the front page of her website (www.savannahbest.com) in honor of Savannah's favorite holiday. The article is at http://www.savannahbest.com/events/kellistory.htm. I hadn't read that article in years and laughed when I saw the pictures again. :)

Also today I wanted to share some pictures of a weird cattle breed that we've seen a lot of in this area: Brahman cows. It's an odd looking breed, but is renowned for being very docile. Guess that's why you never see them in rodeos. They certainly do look serene here. We drove around a bit today until we found some right outside of town. They posed nicely for me. Funky, aren't they?


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Kelli & Noel said...

Honey, i must point out that they do use the Brahman bulls in rodeo. Also, they cross them with other bulls to achieve the finest beef ie "brangus" and with meaner bulls such as longhorns for tougher rodeo bulls.