Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dirty Kelli

The delicious chicken & dumplings recipe has been requested, so here you go!

(This is slightly revised from my Aunt Pat's recipe, just to make access to ingredients & time investment a bit easier!)

Aunt Pat's Easy Chicken & Dumplings

Feeds about 6-8 people (or 2 hungry people for 3 days)

Dissolve 2 chicken boullion cubes in about 5 cups of water in large pot.
Submerge 4 chicken breasts in broth and cook until tender and done through.
Remove chicken from broth.
Add to broth:

- 1 can cream of chicken soup
- 1 can evaporated milk (or use about a cup of regular milk)
- 1 stick of butter
- 2-3 tbsp sage
- salt to taste

Either make biscuit dough (flour, shortening & buttermilk) or use a large can of refrigerated biscuits (I used these, the flaky butter flavor). Cut or pinch dough and roll into pieces about the size of a large marble.

Bring broth to a boil, drop dough balls in to broth, and reduce heat to medium.
While dumplings cook, cut or tear chicken breasts into bite-sized pieces.
Cook dumplings until done, when they start fluffing out (about 6-8 minutes).
When dumplings are finished, addd chicken into mix, stir, and eat!

Notes: I used the refrigerated biscuits because they're easier, and they taste great (just like regular biscuits) when in the broth. Each biscuit made 4 dumplings. I also added a bit of flour (1/2 cup?) to the broth, just to thicken it up.

This is a really surprisingly easy recipe. For some reason I thought that chicken & dumplings was some big fancy concoction that only experienced cooks could manage. I was wrong - this is a pretty fool-proof recipe, perfect for cold gray days. Hope you enjoy!! We ate more today for lunch and dinner, and it makes for great leftovers. If you end up with any. :)

This afternoon we decided to go to the local gun shop (guess whose idea this was!). It's a locally owned shop called Bear Arms, and is convenient because it has a shooting range right around back!

Noel had been eyeing a particular revolver for a while, and wanted me to check it to see how it fit in my hand (sometimes gun grips are too big for my little hands and I can't get a good hold of them).

I was personally enamored of the humongous Dirty Harry type revolver that weighed about 4 tons, and also the little tiny pink gun. :) I am such a girl. The men in the shop found me amusing I think, but thought it was hilarious that I loved the huge revolver and Noel pointed out how expensive it was. They said that's never happened before - it's always the other way around, with the guy loving the big gun and the woman pointing out the price! ha ha!

They showed us several different weapons, but we agreed that the revolver Noel originally liked was a great choice. We got it and went out back for some practice shooting.

Now, normally when I try to shoot a handgun, I end up flinching a bit because they tend to sting my hand a bit. This gun was great - worked like a charm, smooth, balanced, and very little recoil (don't I sound like the expert? Yeah, not really.)

Noel also really liked the way it fires.

Their practice range has targets that look like an intruder rushing at you.

These are the targets that the shop owner uses for his handgun safety classes. Meet Mad Max:

Mad Max had a bad day today. The gun shot so nicely, we both did some major damage. After my first round of shooting, Noel, the range master (the guy overseeing the shooting range), and every man within shouting distance COWERED in TERROR at my shooting abilities:

Honestly, I SWEAR, I did not do this on purpose. Really. I was surprised, because I was aiming at his chest. James, the range master, laughed so hard and then asked Noel where he was taking me for dinner. "Anywhere she wants, right?"

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nice! good skills to learn in Texas, eh?