Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Laundry Day! What Fun!

Today was...well, you probably guessed, laundry day. I used to feel that laundry day (particularly in a laundromat) was a big fat waste of time, but really? It's a good opportunity for relatively uninterrupted writing or knitting time.

Today, however, was...weird. We felt like we had walked into the Twilight Zone of laundromats. You generally see all kinds of people doing laundry on any given day, but today's cast of characters was definitely a cast of Characters (with a capital C). We were kinda glad to get our clothes done and leave.

It looks like we'll be heading south of Houston on Friday. Hopefully the campground we've reserved works out ok, because it's gonna be fun! :)

In other unrelated news,

we've been potty training the cats.

Just kidding!! I wish!


Anonymous said...

I've heard of cats being potty trained.... maybe you ought to give it a try. If anyone could, it's you two!

Cima said...

I've heard of such.... give it a try!