Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Go East, Young Man! (And also Gal & 2 Cats)

Where have we been!? How dare we leave the internet bereft of tales of our adventures!? Explanations are below.

First, I'd like to send out a big HELLO to J.R. Ewing, who commented on the last post. Unfortunately we won't be able to visit South Fork anytime in the immediate future, but will definitely call in a raincheck. Also, hope that gunshot wound is healing nicely. :)

Well, the ups and downs of the freelance life: the Corpus Christi job fell through. However, we've heard about some great opportunities in Tennessee and North Carolina (Noel's and my home states, respectively) and so we're chasing after them. Why? Three reasons:

1. We have the flexibility to go where the work is. Take THAT, economy!

2. Fewer mosquitos = more blood still inside our bodies.

3. Summer temps generally cooler than Scorching Surface of The Sun.

Ok, ok. Yes, Texas is awesome. We totally plan to go back there. We will miss Texas (see? I said it). So in all fairness, here are 3 reasons why:

1. Great Mexican food. And BBQ. And donuts.

2. Ponies!!!

3. Winter = 56 and sunny. Also the boots are great.

4. Oh, and Hobby Lobby stores all over the place.

So we're heading east. We left Texas yesterday, probably overly optimistic about the length of time it would take to complete this 1054 mile sojourn. We were also tragically low on Mountain Dew. We managed to go 360 miles before stopping for the night in eastern Louisiana. Funny thing - we were researching yesterday afternoon for a campground near our location, when one of the men on the crew Noel's been working with called us to say hi, and we found out he lived about 15 miles away! Since he's a super-nice guy and also had all the RV hookups necessary for an overnight stay, we parked in his yard. His wife made dinner, we stuffed ourselves, and life was good.

Today we've made it to Birmingham, Alabama. We'll leave early tomorrow morning to try to beat the snow to Tennessee (it's like that chase scene at the end of Dracula - will we make it before the snow engulfs us? Will we be eaten alive by blood-sucking banshees? Tune in next week to find out!)

This has been an educational trip. To wit:

(1) The RV does not seem particularly fond of hills. This will be tested tomorrow in particular, as we drive into the Appalachian mountains. We may be forced to hook Poe & Loki up to a bridle and have them help pull the thing. Which would result in exactly 0.0% increase in uphill power.

(2) Louisiana is a swamp. The entire state. Did you not know this? I was not aware. Until this morning. Photographic evidence to support this:

The People's Exhibit #1

The People's Exhibit #2

The People's Exhibit #3

IMPORTANT TRAVEL TIP: When staying in an RV in Louisiana, make sure your host has a large tractor & tow chain.

(3) The Mississippi River has some lovely bridges going over it.

Mom, this one's for you. It's the best I could get of a Mississippi Riverboat.

Look! Bridgey Thing In Sky!

(4) We use a large cat carrier (actually made for dogs) to transport the cats while on the road. This is for several reasons, namely for their safety in a traveling vehicle, and so we can see if they're doing ok, plus they have room to move around a bit and get comfy. They ride with me in the back seat of the truck, which is a smoother and quieter ride than in the RV. They are spoiled and are fed treats, and I play Enya for them in an effort to relax them. No, really.

Loki hates the cat carrier. Poe is not fond, but is very Zen about it - we stuff him in there, he accepts his fate and lays down and sleeps. Loki, however, is the Anti-Zen. He lets us know, approximately every .63 seconds, that he is, in fact, still in the carrier despite his wishes NOT to be in said carrier. He does this as loudly as possible, sometimes drawing a single meow out into about 5 syllables. It's really quite impressive. And is also worse than facing the Spanish Inquisition for 8 hours.

Today he was in rare form. There were maybe, out of the entire day, three 20-minute breaks in his opera, Tragedy Of A Tortured Cat, in which he had the starring role of The Wretched One Forced To Endure Misery In This Evil Plastic Box of Doom. When we arrive at the RV park, the first thing I do is let them out into the house, feed them some soft food, pet them, and then clean out the carrier. I was in the midst of this routine, folding the blanket I just pulled out of the carrier, when I happen to look down and see Loki.

Sitting in the carrier.

Voluntarily, just sitting there, looking around like he'd never seen the stupid thing before. I finally went to take a picture, and he walked out and ate some more.

Sigh. Just watch - tomorrow, the drama will begin once again. Act I: The Accursed Bastille Awaits.

(5) (Bet you forgot I was even doing a list, didn't you?). Yesterday, we discovered that our RV was less than 12 feet high. How did we discover this?

Very carefully.

So tomorrow's adventures will hopefully be without incident. We'll let you know when we get there!

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Cima said...

Sure wish you'd written more about Texas Mex and BBQ! Love your little squibbs on food...AND the photos!