Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Hearts (and Teepees)!

Happy Valentine's Day! Yummy chocolates for all!!

Today was a gorgeous day! The sun came out and it was really warm - about 70 this afternoon. It was a great day to take a drive to explore the area (which we did this afternoon), and also take some photos of our new campground.

Now, before you peek at the pictures, let me tell you a tiny bit about this place. It's a motel and campground that was built back in 1942. It fell into disrepair and was recently purchased and refurbished by a local couple. It's touted as "the last kitschy motel in Texas." Meet:

The TeePee Motel

These little teepees are the motel rooms - each one has a bedroom and bathroom inside. Note the big arrows in the ground to the left. They're about the size of telephone poles.

Here are the teepees from the other side, so you can see their doorways:

Teepees In Sky!

This gives some perspective on how tall the arrows are:

(Granted, I make them look even taller because I'm...not exactly tall. But anyway...)

More artsy arrow photos!

The campground has all the regular amenities: nice bathrooms, laundry room, and even a coffeeshop! That particular amenity has yet to be open when we've gone by though. So we just have to make our own coffee for now and pretend that it's a skinny vanilla latte.

We went to a farm supply store (they have such fabulous stuff in them!) and saw these cool tire swings. They're shaped like horses!

In Olympic Quilting news, I'm making very good progress on my quilt so far. I put a section of the quilt into a wooden hoop to hold the fabric still, and then handsew the 3 layers of the quilt together. I'm hoping that I'll be done by the end of the Games!
Here's a progress picture of the quilt in the wooden hoop. Once I finish working the section inside the hoop, I move it to another part of the quilt. The layers are held together with safety pins until after I get it sewn together.

The kitties have been SO much help, from stealing my thimble to fighting each other underneath the quilt as I work on it (ie. between my ankles, which feels SO good, let me tell ya).

Also, every time I try to rehoop it (I have to set it on the floor to do that), they absolutely can't STAND not being right on top of it.

Such meddling can be very tiring. Loki was absolutely exhausted.


Rachel said...

Have y'all seen Cars? You must. It's a kid's movie that adults can really enjoy as well. A & L bought it for their granddaddy for his birthday last year. Anyway, the little town (Radiator Springs) on Route 66 has a motel modeled after one like where you're staying. Except instead of tipis they have traffic cones(the characters are cars after all). It's called the Cozy Cone Motel.

Way to go on the quilt! I'm impressed! Loki and Poe sound about as helpful as their Virginia cousins. Carolina wants to eat my earbuds when I leave them by the computer.

CMG's Mom said...

That's exactly what I was thinking...CARS! Carter would love to stay there.