Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fairfield, Texas - Say Hi to the Cows!

Fairfield, TX is our new little hometown. We're enjoying our time here so far. It's another little town with a sweet historic downtown.

Here's a line of old buildings that circle around the courthouse:

And here's the courthouse itself. Isn't it pretty?:

There's a cannon from the civil war in front of the courthouse. We were surprised that the civil war (excuse me, the War of Northern Aggression) extended this far west.:

They have their Christmas decorations up already too (I particularly liked Wagoner's little snowflake decorations, but these are also cute):

The town is nice - small and friendly. There's a quilt shop downtown that we visited today and it's very nice with lovely fabric. I had to really restrain myself! There's also a store that sells guns, rifles, etc. called the Tradin' Post. Noel liked that one. :) No HEB here, but a nice little grocery store called Brookshire Brothers. We found some coffee creamer that's a peppermint mocha flavor and it's SO GOOD. I highly recommend.

Now, having been in Texas for several weeks on and off, I've noticed something interesting. There are lots of church-going people around here, and it's....interesting to see that people find different ways to express their religious beliefs and sense of community. In Houston, we saw a billboard for the Branded For Christ Cowboy Church. We found this hilarious.

Then yesterday while doing laundry at the campground, Noel noticed this:

Here's a closeup (click to read).

Um....that's.....different. I wonder what the cows think about all this?

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Rachel said...

The cows are the church elders, you see. It's all very community-minded.

What a cute town! But no pictures of the quilt shop? I'm shocked.