Thursday, November 19, 2009

Plumbing and Palestine

Chinese water torture is what it's normally called. The incessant drip, drip, drip of a faucet. It drives me INSANE. For some reason the kitchen faucet decided to torture us on Monday. I tried to put up with it, tried to reason with myself that Noel is much more qualified to do plumbing work than I am and once he got off from work, he could fix it.

However, I had the three necessary ingredients to tackle the problem:
(1) Pink tool kit
(2) Google, and
(3) Extreme frustration.

So! I did about 5 minutes of research, turned off the water supply, and started tearing stuff apart:

And a mere 2 hours later, I managed to get it fixed! Go team! :)

Noel's job finished up late on Monday night, so we've spent the last few days sightseeing and running errands. Yesterday we drove to the city of Palestine, TX to visit the Museum of East Texas Culture. On the way, we saw some of the native fauna.

Miniature donkeys and a zebra! I love them. :)

It was a great museum - laid out very nicely in an old high school building. Each room had different exhibits, and downstairs they had rebuilt an old pre-civil war cabin that had been saved from someone's farm. You could go in and see how it would've looked when in use, and it's so fascinating to look at how people truly lived in their day to day lives:

Here's the living room and kitchen:

Here's the bedroom:

They had some really cool antique living implements too. I liked these corn hullers:

They had several old carriages on display:

And from more modern times, a doctor's office. How's this for an x-ray machine?:

They also had an iron lung:

Here's the signage from the top of the iron lung. Incredible!:

They had a neat old coke cooler too:

An old stove. Imagine trying to cook Thanksgiving dinner on this!:

And my favorite, a hair curler. HEH.

Driving around Palestine, we saw some gorgeous old houses. SO many. Saw a few that were on sale and for prices ranging from $29,000 (!) to a 5 bedroom beauty (move in ready!) for only $175,000. AMAZING. These weren't for sale, but aren't they absolutely stunning?

All in all, it was a wonderful day. Tonight, we're going on a date to see a movie in Waco!

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Rachel said...

I WANT that bottom house. Any chance you could move it to Virginia for me?