Monday, November 16, 2009

Tack and Tackiness

This morning I had to run some errands, including (1) finding a new rain jacket for Noel for work, (2) a little Christmas shopping, and (3) photographing random stuff for my dear readers. You're welcome! :)

First, I went to an interesting and fun ranch store to find Noel's rain coat, which I did, but frankly it wasn't interesting enough for a photo. Instead, there was other cool stuff there! There were various types of horse fashion:

Metallics are so in this season.

I don't know what these are - some type of hoof protection? Hmmmm....

Every good pony deserves a snack. I would've named these Trigger Treats, myself.

And in case your horse needs some help after all that snacking, they also sell...well, let's call it motivation.

Also, they have plastic cow heads?!?!?

Outside, there was a variety of really pretty rustic furniture. I think this is actually very nice (not necessarily my tastes, but can't you see this on a porch of a big log cabin somewhere?)

They also had chairs:

And this is a cooler!

After all of this cowboy-centric stuff, I paid a visit to an antique shop in downtown Fairfield. They had a TON of stuff in there and I ended up buying one or two things for Christmas presents. I found a few things I really wanted for myself, but didn't have room for (or they were breakable, and Porcelain + RV = Shards of Disaster).

This old sewing machine is gorgeous, and in great condition. The paint is beautiful, isn't it? And the wheel cranks perfectly. Sigh....It's only $30. But I have to exercise some self-control because we really don't have tons of room for extra sewing machines. :-P

These cute little porcelain chickens are so quirky and fabulous! One is brown, and the other is lime green. This picture didn't turn out as brightly as they actually show up in real life. And the best part? They're salt & pepper shakers! BIG ones. Oh I was so tempted. But temptation was overcome. Barely.

By far though, my proudest photo of today is this:

"Couldn't you get a closer picture?" you say? How 'bout I give YOU the camera and YOU get a closer picture!!!!


Rachel said...

You are an OAK to walk away from that sewing machine. I ditto the porch furniture - would so admire that at someone else's house.

Barb said...


I've finally caught up with you. How dare you not send me an e-mail to say you were leaving!!!!!

I'm glad things are going well.