Monday, November 9, 2009

Leaving Oklahoma!

We've left Oklahoma (as of this morning) and are now in Fairfield, Texas (southeast of Dallas) for the next job. We'll post more about that later, since we just got in this evening, set up the house, got some delicious dinner from a local diner (MMmmmm....pork chops!) (Oh, and Lisa, I had some Fried Orka). So far that's been it for Texas this time, except for cleaning out the cat box and you really don't need details about that.

We seem to have a much better internet signal here (HALLELUJAH) and I'm able to upload pictures in minutes as opposed to hours, and I'm not exaggerating at all when I say that. Ok, onwards and upwards!

I wanted to post the last few pictures from our time in Oklahoma. We really did enjoy it a lot there - it's so pretty, people are so nice, and the cows have really impressive horns (really! it's like on the front of Boss Hogg's car!). We're hoping to go back there at some point.

We always like to find a Scottish, Irish, or English pub (in that order of preference) wherever we go. This time, we found a cute place called Grandma's Attic in the city of Talequah (with the street signs written in English & Cherokee). It's a funny little place, because (1) it's cash only and (2) they don't serve food. We went to a pizza place across the road when we discovered this, ate dinner and then headed back over to the pub. Here's the outside - isn't it cute?:

The inside was nice too - lots of celtic knotwork in the wood around the bar.

We had a nice time there, even though we were both really tired.

Ok, now on to some stupid weird stuff I saw and felt the need to photograph. First, the sign for the Hancock Fabrics in Muskogee (where they're proud to be an Okie, according to the song that Noel kept on singing every time we saw a sign for Muskogee). It's obviously an old sign and I thought the retro-ness of it was cool:

Next, one day while driving I saw a sign that made me think, "Hmm...maybe there's such a thing as TOO much truth in advertising."

"We believe in our shared bonds of faith and fellowship. I guess."

"Our town?'s alright."

"Yes ma'am, we'll try to show up in time to put out your housefire, really can't promise anything."

Ok, ok, fine. I'll fess up. There's a town called Okay. I find this infinitely amusing. Okay, OK. HA! These people have my dorky sense of humor! Some of the other businesses tried to avoid the whole "We're Just Mediocre" thing by calling themselves the Baptist Church of Okay, or Okay's Barber Shop. But not these folks. Say it loud and say it proud: We strive to be middle of the road!

And then there was this place (you may need to enlarge this one to get the full effect):

This is one of those spots where you do a doubletake and then (if you're me) find a place to turn around so you can go snap a picture. Feeling hungry? EEEWWWW.

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Rachel said...

Took me a minute on that last one. Ewww is right. That pub looks really cool - but weird that they don't serve snacks of some kind. Seems like people would stay longer (and drink more) if they had something to munch on.

Meant to comment yesterday about the Amish cheese place. Yum. Was the cheese good?