Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grand Dame in Ruins

Hello everyone! Today has been very productive. I've been busy writing knitting patterns and publishing them on my website ( It takes a surprising amount of time to write up a pattern, but it's something I enjoy doing. Hopefully people will actually use them!

I also went for a nice walk this morning at the little municipal park here in Fairfield. It's next to their high school, and I took a stroll around their THREE practice football fields. I saw the actual football stadium too. These people are serious about their football.

After a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up more of the peppermint mocha coffee creamer (we went through a bottle in about 4 days - yes, it's that good!), I stopped to get a picture of what was probably at one point the Grand Dame of houses in Fairfield, but is now....well, take a look for yourself:

How tragic is this? The front door is gaping open and there's no telling what it looks like on the inside. So sad. I thought about you, Cima, when I saw this. It needs so much love, but you can tell how dramatically elegant this home must have been a long time ago.

Right now I can't show a lot of the knitting I'm working on (since some recipients read this blog!), but I did want to show you 2 baby hats that a friend commissioned me to make. I finished these yesterday and think they turned out quite well. :-D

Speaking of, I'd better get back to it! (After a hot chocolate break, though!)

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Cima Star said...

That IS a gorgeous house! Exactly the kind that makes me drool....if an find thrm, Ill send a "before" pic or two of a house I bought years ago on Whitaker and the end result... took about three years altogether...