Monday, November 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

This afternoon we decided to take a leisurely jaunt through some of the historic district of the little town we're staying in, Wagoner.

As I mentioned previously, there are some really beautiful houses in Wagoner, many of them built before Oklahoma was even a state! We wanted to take a walking tour around these neighborhoods and show you some of these gorgeous homes.

Now, let me say that not all of the houses are perfectly restored, and it's always heartbreaking to see the ones that need a lot of love and obviously aren't getting it. Noel and I both enjoy architecture, and love to look at those fixer-uppers and dream about buying one and bringing it back to glory.

(Of course, to do this I will need to have those Time Life books on building Decks & Patios, along with some extremely good health insurance and also probably some protective armor. Also, Noel will be the one in charge of the nail gun.)

Anyway! On to the tour of homes.

This gray one is gorgeous, isn't it?

Built in 1896. How do I know that? Because the historic homes have these little signs in the front yards.

This beautiful house is getting some work done on it. We loved how there are little gables and windows sticking out all over the place on it. Lovely!

We also saw a few of these things right beside the sidewalks. Know what they are?

They're step-downs for carriages! This one still has the iron rings on it, I guess so you can tie up ol' Trigger. Isn't that cool?

Lastly, my personal favorite. I ADORE this house. I COVET it. I mentally decorate it every time we drive by it. It's just so gorgeous and quirky and charming and elegant, all at once. Sigh. I wish I could see the inside of it. Or inherit it somehow.

Ahhh.....someday perhaps.

We did see a fixer-upper that was built in 1898 (I think) that's listed for $55,500. A steal! Anyone wanna go in halfsies on an old house? :)

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